Saturday, December 15, 2012

Toronto Tourist Attractions - ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM: Canada's largest museum of natural history and world culture

Attraction: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
Location: 100 Queen's Park (Bloor St. & Avenue Rd.), M5S 2C6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact: (416) 586-8000
Transportation: by car, public transit (TTC), by bike

Overview of Royal Ontario Museum:
-- largest museum of world culture and natural history in Canada
-- one of Canada's main cultural event destination
-- one of the largest museums in North America
-- contains over 6 million collections
-- over 1 million visitors yearly 
-- over 40 galleries
-- opened since March 1914

Tourist attractions/Places of Interest:
-- World Culture Galleries
-- Natural History Galleries
-- Hands-on Galleries
-- Roloff Beny Gallery
-- Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery
-- Herman Herzog Levy Gallery
-- J.F. Driscoll Family Stair of Wonders
-- Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court
-- Liza's Garden
-- Spirit House
-- Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall
-- Iconic Objects
-- Exhibition Spaces
-- Special Exhibitions (On Now, Future, Past Exhibitions)
-- Travelling Exhibitions
-- Library
-- Archives
and more...

List of World Culture Galleries:
-- Gallery of Canada
-- Gallery of China
-- Gallery of Korea
-- Gallery of Japan
-- Gallery of Ancient Cyprus
-- Gallery of Africa
-- Gallery of the Americas
-- Gallery of Asia-Pacific
-- South Asian Gallery
-- Gallery of the Middle East
-- Gallery of Egypt
-- Gallery of the Bronze Age Aegean
-- Gallery of Greece
-- Galleries of Western and Central Europe
-- International Gallery of Textiles & Costume

List of Natural History Galleries:
-- Bat Cave
-- Gallery of Biodiversity
-- Earth's Treasures
-- Gallery of the Age of Mammals
-- Gallery of Birds
-- Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs
-- Gallery of Natural History Highlights

List of Hands-on Galleries:
-- Gallery of Hands-on Biodiversity
-- CIBC Discovery Gallery
-- Digital Gallery

Stores & Dining:
-- ROM Museum Store
-- ROMkids Store
-- c5 Restaurant Lounge
-- Food Studio

Activities, Events, Functions:
-- Cultural events
-- Group Dinners
-- Business Meetings
-- School visits
-- International research 
-- Lectures
-- Seminars
-- Courses
-- Receptions
-- Conservation activities
-- Private events
-- Corporate events
-- Gala events
-- Fundraising events
-- Business Trips
-- Cultural Trips
-- Nature Trips
-- Online Activities

Travel Programs:
-- ROMtravel
-- ROMbus
-- ROMwalks!

Interactive Programs:
-- Travelling Education Kits
-- Travelling Starlab

Programs for 16 yr. old and under:
-- Saturday Morning Club
-- ROM Sleepovers
-- Summer Club
-- March Break Camp

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