Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advices, tips, warnings, and useful information when traveling

Climate and weather conditions.

Make sure to know the equivalent currency of your money.

Electricity and voltage of equipment.

Keep extra photocopies of your passport, visa, i.d., and other important travel documents.

Be friendly. It is always better to keep a good smile and connection to people rather than the other way around.

Prepare. There's no substitute for a good preparation. When circumstances become unfavorable, at least you prepared.

Plan your trip.

Know the limits. There are size, weight, and quantity requirements and restrictions.

Travel guides, road/street maps, dictionaries, language and expression books, and other useful information are very helpful.

Cellphone and charger. Check to make sure the charger is there, some people forget the charger which is necessary.

Laptops are cool and they really help.

Keep a record of important phone numbers such as embassy, police, hospital, etc.

Keep your wallet, jewelries, and valuables in a safe place.

Keep extra money in separate locations. In case you lose some, you still have some extra backup in other place.

Think of alternatives. There's always a better way to go to a place and location and to do a certain thing.

Don't drink alcohol to your disadvantage.

Proper etiquette.

Mind the dress code.

Alarm clock. Don't be late in your appointment times.

Notebook and pen.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and other important toiletries.

It is always a nice courtesy to give a tip aside from saying "I really appreciate what you did for me".

Avoid going to unchartered and potentially dangerous areas.

Take good care of your health. Being unhealthy or catching a simple cold could ruin your vacation and adventure.

Pray. There's nothing more important than to trust God who gave you your life and have the power to spare you from every danger, trouble, and mishap.

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