Monday, July 15, 2013

Top 3 best flight tracking websites

Here is my list of Top 3 best flight trackers:


- founded in 2005
- free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic
- flight tracking in over 45 countries

- enter your Airline and Flight Number
- or
- provide the Origin and Destination using Flight Finder then press search
- nice and clean interface with minimal ads
- shows live real-time flight tracker overview visual map


- founded 1981
- in 1996, real-time flight tracking made available to the internet on the web
- services to government, airports, commercial aviation, business aviation, ground transportation, and travel media & technology
- developed the first commercially-available radar-based flight tracking system with accurate, real-time flight information

- enter your Airline, Flight Number and Departure date using Flight Tracker and pressing Track Flight
- real-time map is available after the scheduled departure time
- shows arrival and departure information:
 - Airport
 - Airport code
 - Scheduled Time and Date
 - Terminal number
 - Gate number
 - Weather
 - Arrival and Departure delay info
 - Local Services such as find a Limo or Taxi
- shows Aircraft's Previous Flight and Flight Details:
 - Aircraft make and number (e.g. Boeing 767-300)
 - Ground Speed
 - Altitude


- started selling flight status information via APIs in 2005
- leading publisher of real-time global flight and airport information
- data is used by millions of travelers and thousands of businesses around the world
- collects flight and airport information from a multitude of global sources
- coverage is considered one of the best in the world

- enter your Airline, Flight Number and Departing date
- search by flight, by airport, by route
- real time flight tracker to track a live flight in North America and Europe
- leading day-of-travel information source
- provides flight status whether En-Route - On-time or Delayed, Departed or Not yet Departed
- provides basic DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL data:
 - Scheduled Departure
 - Scheduled Arrival
 - Actual Departure
 - Estimated Gate Arrival
 - Arrival Terminal
 - Baggage Claim info and update

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