Thursday, November 8, 2012

VENEZUELA: Top 10 Travel Destinations, Tourist Spots and Attractions

Venezuela is a South American country with Caracas as the capital and largest city. The official and national language is Spanish and the Bolivar fuerte is the currency. Venezuela was a colony of Spain since 1522 and have gained full independence in 1830. Simon Bolivar was considered a great political and military leader and played major role towards the liberation of the Venezuelan people from the Spanish empire.

Venezuela is famous for the tallest waterfalls in the world - Angel Falls. Venezuela also has one of the cheapest prices of gasoline in the world, the lowest price in the Americas. Venezuela is popular for its beautiful and gorgeous women who won Miss Universe beauty contests. Venezuela is the country who has the most wins in Miss Universe competitions.

Top 10 Travel Destinations, Tourist Spots and Attractions in VENEZUELA:

1. Angel Falls - the tallest waterfall in the world

2. Canaima National Park

3. Margarita Island

4. Los Roques Archipelago

5. Caracas city

6. Mochima National Park

7. Los Medanos de Coro National Park

8. Henri Pittier National Park

9. Pico Bolivar

10. ChoronĂ­

Other popular tourist attractions in Venezuela:

East Park

Cuava del Guacharo

Plaza BolĂ­var

National Art Gallery

Museo Bolivariano

Morrocoy National Park

Parque El Zanjon

Gran Roque


Lake Maracaibo - biggest lake in South America

Mount Roraima - famous Venezuelan mountain

National Assembly Building

Federal Legislative Palace

National Pantheon of Venezuela

National Theatre

Palace of the Academies, Caracas

Los Proceres Monument

Museum of Contemporary Art

Simon Bolivar University

St. Peter's Church, Caracas

Caracas Cathedral

Federal Capitol building

Federation Arch

UCV Olympic Stadium

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas



Parque Central Complex

Rio Caura

Los Llanos


River Delta of Orinoco

Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex

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